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You have made us so happy....

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You have made us so happy....

Unread postby Max ADU » Sat Jun 22, 2013 2:57 pm

Please check out the link below.. hear what being said about us

You have made us so happy.... :D :D
Many may not know but Pam and I are a two 60+ year old, husband and wife team living in Queensland.

That’s right, we are a couple of battling oldies who designed and built this website, researched and wrote all the content you see on the site and forum.

AllDownUnder.com has been personally funded by us for over 12 years and now has grown to over 2,000 pages.

We could not have done it without YOU

Each year our popularity has grow. Pam and I thank you for spreading the word about our website ...

Already in 2013, this year, we have exceeded last year pageviews and close to having another record of Visitors to the site.

TV News Item on ALLdownunder.com ( Clicked 1946 times )

As reported by Google Analytics, once again we continue to grow.

    Yearly Comparison 2011 2012
    Visits1,117,759 1,858,183 up 65%
    Page Views 2,383,561 3,552,725 up 49.05%

    Demographics – Top 3
    Australia 871,304 1,412,366 up 62.1%
    U.S. 89,188 158,578 up 77.8%
    U.K. 37,454 74,325 up 98.5

    Computer users 982,1261,327,226 up 35%
    Mobile users 135,632 524,226 up 286.5%

Our site and forum is FREE to use and is continuously growing. Our only limitation is TIME.

Watch this space
You are not a statistic to us. We know who you are from the letters you written to us telling us how you enjoy the site.

We try to answer as many emails as we can, especially from children curious to learn about Australia.

Our wish is to continue bringing you interesting and helpful information about Aussies and the country we love, Australia.

Our next project this year, hopefully is not only increase our content on the site and forum. but modernise our Greeting Cards when finance become available, through advertising sponsorship.

A little hint <smile> very soon something big going to happen in the forum... keep watching this space ;)

Pam and I thank you for supporting us in whatever way you can and most of all for enjoying our labour of love, AllDownUnder.com.

Your mates ... Pam and Max Bugeja
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