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Voices from the Past

Australians have always been outspoken. Two famous Australians, Henry Lawson and Banjo Paterson, used their writings to reveal the problems in Australia and also its strength and courage.

The Drover's Wife is a must read if you want to know about what life was like for women in the bush. Henry Lawson shows us a day in her life that captures the isolation and shows her courage and determination.

If you like sports, try Dyson's A Friendly Game of Football. If you like horse racing read Banjo's famous A Dream of the Melbourne Cup, or Father Riley's Horse or Gordon's How We Beat the Favourite. For a good yarn about horse racing try Boake's How Babs Malone Cut Down the Field.

John O'Brien is a favourite of ours. He uses humour in stories like Said Hanrahan to show us his Australia. No belly laughs, but we hope it will bring a smile of recognition as he introduces you to the colourful characters of his day.

Although it was written as a children's book, Ethel Pedley's Dot and the Kangaroo e-book is a delight for the child in all of us. It's a fanciful tale of a little girl lost in the bush and the very outspoken animals that help her get home while riding in the pouch of a friendly kangaroo.

In contrast The Red Kangaroo by Ethel Castilla is the story of a kangaroo hunt that goes wrong in more ways than one. It's an affair of the heart that lead to unexpected consequences.

We hope you enjoy our selection of poems and stories about Australia.

Voices from the Past
Remembrance Poems
Banjo Paterson
Henry Lawson
Ethel C. Pedley
Norman Lindsay
Mary Hannay Foott
Adam Lindsay Gordon
Barcroft Henry Boake
C J Dennis E W Cole
Louis Esson John O'Brien
Ethel Castilla Mary Gilmore
James Lister Cuthbertson
Henry Handel Richardson
Inez Hyland Victor Daley
Edward George Dyson
George Essex Evans
Caroline Carleton
Louisa Lawson
Henry Kendall
Rex Ingamells
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Remembrance Poems

Recited on Anzac Day
and other memorials

In Flanders Fields and
For the Fallen, The Ode

Lest We Forget

Source of the "lest we forget" phrase

Recessional poem

Nancy Bowman

Our Australian Soldiers

Louis Esson

The Shearers Wife

Ethel C Pedley


Dot & the Kangaroo

Norman Lindsay


The Magic Pudding


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