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Welcome to Voices of Today. We invite you to tell others what you think about a variety of subjects. Each of our polls has an option for you to leave a comment so you can express yourself or simply read what others have to say.

Aussie Bloggin'

Aussie Bloggin'

We get lots of questions and of course corrections when we have something wrong. So our blog shares a few interesting things you might like to know.

Rants 'n Raves

Rants 'n Raves with Polls

Rants and Raves on a variety of subjects that deal with the Australian lifestyle and culture. After you read them, let people know how you feel in a Poll.

Is Australia Being Ripped Off ?

Is fair dinkum no longer fair or Australian? Are we becoming a 3rd world nation?

Would You Dob in a Mate?

What do fire fighters, cancer patients and the Granville Disaster have in common?

And more ...



Fun Polls

Nothing too serious here . .  some age old questions on men versus women & one on which way you roll your toilet paper. We did mention it was in fun, didn't we.

   MEN - She says, “Does this dress make
      me look fat?”  and you say . . .

   When you answer a poll,
      do you tell the truth? . . .

Our Quickie Polls

are ... well ... quick to do. They range from thought provoking to what have you seen in Australia.

What would you do if . . .

How would you handle different situations?

I've been everywhere

What have you seen and done in Australia?

Suggest a Poll

Have an idea for a poll?

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