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Australian of the Year Award

Australian of the year Award recognises people who inspire us through their achievements to be better, do better. They have become role models in our communities challenging us to contribute in our own way to making Australia and the world a better place.

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Every year the national Australian of the Year Awards are awarded on Australia Day. The Australian of the Year Awards started in 1960 and is a program of the National Australia Day Council

Present to 1991 ... 1990 to 1976 ... 1975 to 1960

Name Born Died A little bit about them . . .
1975 Alan Stretton 1922   Major General of Australia Army, commander of the Cyclone Tracy Relief Operation, (1974)
1975 John Cornforth 1917 2013 Scientist, 1975 Nobel Prize in Chemistry recipient, became completely deaf by the age of 20 due to the progressive disease otosclerosis
1974 Bernard Heinze 1894 -1982 Orchestra conductor and musician, conducted Melbourne Symphony for over 20 years, helped pioneer classical music broadcasting in Australia, promoted Australian composers, oldest to receive Australian of the Year
1973 Patrick White 1912 -1990 Australian novelist awarded Nobel Prize in Literature in 1973 and Miles Franklin Award (1957, 1961)
1972 Shane Gould 1956   Olympic swimmer; 3 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze medal in 1972 Summer Olympics
1971 Evonne Goolagong 1951   Tennis champion, first Indigenous Australian woman to achieve international sporting fame, member Wiradjuri people, in 1971 won both French Open & Wimbledon
1970 Norman Gilroy 1896 -1977 First Australian-born Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church
1969 Richard Casey 1890 -1976 Governor-General of Australia (19651969), 1st Australian Ambassador to the USA (1940), WWI served at Gallipoli and awarded the Military Cross
1968 Lionel Rose 1948 -2011 World champion boxer, won the World Bantamweight Title in 1968, first Indigenous Australian to be named Australian of the Year
1967 The Seekers     Chart topping singing group (Georgy Girl), only group to be named joint Australians of the Year
1966 Jack Brabham 1926   Australian race car driver, Formula One champion (1959, 1960, 1966)
1965 Robert Helpmann 1909 -1986 Actor, ballet dancer, producer and choreographer, Deputy Director of the Australian Ballet
1964 Dawn Fraser 1937   Triple Olympic gold medallist swimmer (1956, 1960, 1964) 4 gold medals at the 1962 Commonwealth Games, held 27 individual world records,
1963 John Eccles 1903 -1997 Neurophysiologist, 1963 Nobel Prize in Medicine co-recipient, co-author The Self and It's Brain (1977)
1962 Jock Sturrock 1915 -1997 America's Cup skipper and champion yachtsman, won over 400 national and state yachting championships
1961 Joan Sutherland 1926 -2010 Leading opera singer, Luciano Pavarotti called her the "Voice of the Century"
1960 Macfarlane Burnet 1899 -1985 Virologist, co-recipient 1960 Nobel Prize for Medicine, first person named Australian of the Year (1960)

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