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Famous Australian August Birthdays

August 1 to 15     August 16 to 31

Were you or someone you know born in August? You'll find below some notable Australian politicians, footballers, actors, musicians, and athletes that have August birthdays. (I was born 14 August and Max was born 22 August. We may not be famous, but two Leos under the same roof means it's never boring.)

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FEB   1-15   16-29 MAY   1-15   16-31 AUG   1-15   16-31 NOV   1-15   16-30
MAR   1-15   16-31 JUNE   1-15   16-31 SEPT   1-15   16-30 DEC   1-15   16-31
Birth Death Born in August A little bit about them . . .
16 Aug 1987   Kyal Marsh Australian actor (Neighbours)
18 Aug 1885 -1964 Nettie Palmer
(nee Higgins)
Australian poet, essayist (Memoirs of Alice Henry), promoted Australian literature more than others of their generation, wife of author Vance Palmer (28 August)
19 Aug 1983   Missy Higgins
Melissa Higgins
Australian singer (Scar, Sound of White, On a Clear Night),
one ARIA Awards 2004, 2005 APRA Awards, 5 ARIA Awards in 2005, and one ARIA Awards 2007
19 Aug 1983   Tammin Sursok South African-Australian singer (Love Struck), actress (Home and Away, Young and the Restless, Hannah Montana Forever), Logie Award 2001
20 Aug 1899 -2011 Miriam Schmierer Australian, at 112 years old when she died, she was the oldest person in Australia in 2011
20 Aug 1948   John Noble Australian actor (All Saints, Home and Away, 24, Fringe, Lord of the Rings),
23 Aug 1949   Rick Springfield
Richard Springthorpe
Australian actor (General Hospital), singer (Working Class Dog, Jessie's Girl ), Grammy Award 1982
24 Aug 1927   David Ireland Australian author (Unknown Industrial Prisoner), Miles Franklin Award 1971, 1976, 1979
25 Aug 1925 -2004 Thea Astley Australian teacher, writer (Well Dressed Explorer, Slow Natives, The Acolyte), Miles Franklin Award for 1962, 1965, 1972, 1999, Premier's Literary Award 2000, 2002
27 Aug 1924 -2010 David Rowbotham Australian journalist, poet (Cave in the Sky, Makers of the Ark, Ebony Gates), Patrick White Award 2007
27 Aug 1976   Mark Webber Australian Formula One driver, long-term director of Grand Prix Drivers' Association (Formula One drivers' union), 1st place Formula Ford Festival 1996, raised $500,000 for children's cancer research at the 2006 Mark Webber Pure Tasmanian Challenge
28 Aug 1885 -1959 Vance Palmer Australian author (Golconda, Seetime, The Big Fellow), promoted Australian literature more than others of their generation, husband of poet Nettie Palmer (18 August)
29 Aug 1862 -1928 Andrew Fisher 5th Prime Minister of Australia (1908-09 and 1910-13), Australian Labor Party, after WWI France awarded him Legion d'honneur, but he declined to take it
29 Aug 1890 -1976 Richard Casey Governor-General of Australia (19651969),
1st Australian Ambassador to the USA (1940),
WWI served at Gallipoli and awarded the Military Cross, 1969 Australian of the Year
30 Aug 1922 -1986 Lionel Murphy Australian politician and jurist, Justice of the High Court of Australia (1975-86)
30 Aug 1923 -1969 Charmian Clift Australian writer (High Valley, Trouble in Lotus Land)
30 Aug 1985   Leisel Jones Australian swimmer, 3 gold, 4 silver, 1 bronze Olympic medals, 2002 Commonwealth Games 3 gold medals
30 Aug 1985   Eamon Sullivan Australian swimmer, 2 silver, 1 bronze Olympic medals, winner of first series Celebrity MasterChef 2009
31 Aug 1894 -1982 Albert Facey Australian writer (A Fortunate Life), this Aussie classic was made into a 4 part television movie in 1985
31 Aug 1940   Jack Thompson
John Hadley Pain
Australian actor (Man from Snowy River, Australia, Breaker Morant, Mao's Last Dancer, Burke and Wills, McLeod's Daughters), AFI Award 1975, 1980, 1994, he was Australia's first nude male centrefold when it appeared in Cleo magazine in 1982

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