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Famous Australian March Birthdays

March 1 to 15     March 16 to 31

Were you or someone you know born in March? You'll find below some notable Australian politicians, footballers, actors, musicians, athletes and even an Olympic Gold Medal winner that have March birthdays.

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01 Mar 1940   Robin Trevor Gray Australian politician, 37th Premier of Tasmania (1982-1989), Liberal Party, elected in part to build Franklin hydroelectric dam but Greens protested and was never built, Gray helped form Organisation for Tasmanian Development in 1982 (car stickers said Keep Warm This Winter: Burn a Greenie)
01 Mar 1952   Leigh Matthews Australian rules footballer, coach, commentator, AFL Team of the Century, Australian Football Hall of Fame (Player of the Century, Legend 1996), All-Australian coach 2001, 2002,2003, AFLPA Most Valuable Player Award renamed Leigh Matthews Trophy in 2002, his statue is outside the MCG
01 Mar 1976   Peter F. Bell Australian rules footballer, All-Australian (1999, 2003), president AFL Players Assoc. (2003-7)
01 Mar 1981   Will Power
William Steven Power
Australian motorsport driver, winner Australian Drivers' Championship 2002
02 Mar 1899 -1995 Pattie Maie Menzies Australian wife of Australia's longest-serving Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies, appointed Dame Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire in 1954 for her own charitable works, while still known as Dame Menzies, she actually became Lady Menzies when her husband was knighted in 1963
02 Mar 1900 -1980 "Black Jack"
John McEwen
18th Prime Minister of Australia (1967-68), was Prime Minister for only 23 days, last member of the Australian Country Party to serve as prime minister, was in parliament for 36 years 5 months, last serving parliamentarian from Great Depression era (1930s)
02 Mar 1948   Jeffrey Gibb Kennett Australian politician, Premier of Victoria (1992-1999), Liberal Party, founding Chairman of BeyondBlue (national depression initiative)
02 Mar 1956   Mark Evans Australian bass guitarist, member of hard rock band AC/DC (1975-77), Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted AC/DC in 2003, but Mark Evans name was removed from nomination without explanation
02 Mar 1961   Simone Young Australian conductor, chief conductor Opera Australia (2001-3), first female conductor at the  Vienna Philharmonic (2005) and Vienna State Opera (1993), conducted Sydney Symphony Orchestra when they performed Advance Australia Fair at 2000 Summer Olympics opening ceremony
02 Mar 1978   Tempany Deckert Australian actress (Home and Away, First Daughter, Curse of the Talisman), author (Green-Eyed Monster, Stage Kiss, Maddy's Big Break, Understudy to Miss Perfect, Going Batty)
02 Mar 1988   Matthew Mitcham Australian diver, gold medal 2008 Olympics, bronze medal 2009 World Championships, 4 silver medals 2010 Commonwealth Games
03 Mar 1910 -1986 Ainslie Dixon Meares Australian psychiatrist, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, author (Relief Without Drugs, Cancer: Another Way)
03 Mar 1915 -1991 Manning Clark Australian historian, best known for writing 6 volume A History of Australia, 1980 Australian of the Year
03 Mar 1969   The Wizard
Simon Whitlock
Australian darts player, won Australian Grand Masters (2006-7), Japan Open (2005)
03 Mar 1976   Fraser Gehrig Australian rules footballer, owns restaurant Michelangelo's, All-Australian Team (1997, 2004)
04 Mar 1948   Lindy Chamberlain
Alice Lynne
Australian mother accused and convicted of killing her 2-month old daughter Azaria on 17 August 1980, she maintained that a dingo took and killed Azaria, eight years later the conviction was overturned, she received $1.3 million compensation from Australian government for wrongful imprisonment, in 1990 wrote Through My Eyes: an Autobiography, divorced in 1991, married John Creighton 1992, Lindy appealed on her website on 30th anniversary of Azaria's death to have cause of death on Azaria's death record amended (Aug 2010)
04 Mar 1953   Scott Hicks
Robert Scott Hicks
Australian film producer, best known as screenwriter and director of Oscar winning movie Shine, director (Lucky One, Boys Are Back, No Reservations, Hearts in Atlantis, Snow Falling on Cedars, Call Me Mr. Brown)
04 Mar 1959   Rick Ardon Australian newsreader, 1977 Cadet Journalist of the Year (West Australian), wrote/produced documentaries (Lives in the Balance, Riviera Rich and Raunchy), with his wife Erin runs the Beach Manor Bed and Breakfast in Perth, Western Australia
04 Mar 1966   Steve Bastoni Italian-Australian actor (Police Rescue, Neighbours, Prisoner, On the Beach, Stingers, Missing Persons Unit, Underbelly 3, Matrix Reloaded, Heartbreak Kid)
04 Mar 1979   Geoff Huegill Australian butterfly swimmer, 2000 Olympics (1 silver, 1 bronze medal), Commonwealth Games 2 gold (1998), 3 gold (2002), 2 gold (2010), 1 silver (2010), World Championships (6 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze), Pan Pacific Championships (3 silver, 1 bronze), Goodwill Games (2 gold, 1 silver)
05 Mar 1935   Philip K Chapman Australian-American astronaut, (Apollo 14), spent 15 months in Antarctica with Australian National antartic Research Expeditions (ANARE) as an auroral/radio physicist, after gaining US Citizenship was selected as a scientist-astronaut by NASA (1967-72)
05 Mar 1938   Mike Walsh
Michael Hayden Walsh
Australian TV host (Mike Walsh Show), Logie Hall of Fame 1999, Gold Logie awards (1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984), his highly successful Mike Walsh Show ran from 1973-85
06 Mar 1956   Stephen Vizard Australian media personality, comedian, businessman, wrote & produced (Fast Forward series, The Bit Part), host (Tonight Live with Steve Vizard), Australian Father of the Year 2002, Vizard owned and ran a successful superfine wool Merino sheep stud station Roxby Park  sold in 2002 to tuna fishing magnate Tony Santic who uses it as home of his Melbourne Cup winning horse Makybe Diva breeding and bloodstock operations, 2 Logie Awards 1991, 1992
06 Mar 1978   Lara Jane Cox Australian actress (Heartbreak High, Mermaids, Stepfather of the Bride, The Lost World )
07 Mar 1892 -1966 Norman McAlister
Australian ophthalmologist, discovered that rubella (German measles) in pregnancy could cause birth defects in the child (blindness and deafness), wounded in the field in WWI he was awarded the Military Cross for conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during a raid attending the wounded under heavy enemy fire (24 Sept 1918), Australian Father of the Year 1962
07 Mar 1965   Cameron Daddo Australian actor (Golden Fiddles, Tracks of Glory, Six Lovers, Models Inc, Hope Island, She Spies, Inland Empire), host (Off the Dish, Perfect Match, Pirate Master), Logie Awards 1992, 1993, brother of Lochie and Andrew Daddo (actors, TV personality)
08 Mar 1932   Gerard Kennedy Australian actor (Homicide, Hunter, Against the Wind, Division 4, Bellbird, Skyways, Flying Doctors, Mango Tree, Lighthorsemen, Newsfront, Underbelly, Garbo, Fatty Finn), Logie Awards 1969, 1971, 1972, 1973
08 Mar 1960   Max Metzker Australian long distance freestyle swimmer, bronze medal 1980 OlympicsCommonwealth Games gold medal 1982, gold medal 1978, bronze medal 1978
08 Mar 1972   Angie Hart Australian pop singer (Labour of Love, Accidentally Kelly Street, Ordinary Angels, Bizarre Love Triangle), founding member of the band Frente! in 1989
09 Mar 1856 -1931 Tom Roberts Australian fine oil landscapes and portrait painter (Shearing the Rams, The Big Picture, The Golden Fleece), his work can be seen at National Gallery of Australia and Parliament House Canberra
09 Mar 1959   Ian Rawlings Australian actor (Sons and Daughters, Neighbours)
09 Mar 1966   Tony Lockett
Anthony Howard Lockett
Australian rules footballer, highest goal scorer in history of VFL/AFL with 1,360 goals in 281 games (1983-2002), 1987 Brownlow Medal, Australian Football Hall of Fame, All-Australian (1991, 92, 95, 96, 98)
09 Mar 1972   Spencer Howson Australian radio broadcaster (4RK, 4RPH, 4QR), over 15 consecutive years on 612 ABC Brisbane radio
10 Mar 1935   "Polly"
Graham Farmer
Indigenous-Australian footballer (Australian Rules) and coach, first Australian footballer to receive a Queen's honour the MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire), Australian Football Hall of Fame 1996 as a Legend, AFL Team of the Century 1996, Indigenous Team of the Century 2005, Graham Farmer Freeway in Perth WA named for him and opened 22 April 2000
10 Mar 1940   Tsebin Tchen Australian town planner, politician, first Asian migrant elected to federal parliament (Victorian Liberal member of Australian Senate from 1999-2005)
10 Mar 1946   Mike Hollands
William Michael Hollands
Australian creative director and founder (1992) of the animation house Act3animation (Anaka, Pinata, and game cinematics Starship Troopers, Jurassic Park, Fury, RoadKill, Neverwinter Nights 2)
10 Mar 1968   Felice Arena Australian children's author (Specky Magee series, Boyz Rule series, Girlz Rock series, Dolphin Boy Blue, Bravo Billy, Whippersnapper), actor (Neighbours)
10 Mar 1983   Che'Nelle
Cheryline Lim
Malaysian-Australian singer (I Fell in Love with the DJ, Feel Good, First Love, Hurry Up, Baby I Love U)
11 Mar 1899 -2009 John Campbell Ross Australian, last WWI Australian digger, oldest Aussie at the time of his death (110 years 84 days)
11 Mar 1909 -1971 Francis John Hartley Australian clergyman and peace activist, Methodist minister, appointed chaplain in Australian Imperial Force (1941) served with 7th Divisional Cavalry Regiment in the Middle East and in Sanananda Track Papua, his book Sanananda Interlude (1949) documented the campaign, Australian Prime Minister Menzies labelled him the 'pink parson' for his opposition to the banning of the Communist Party, Joliot-Curie gold medal from World Peace Council
11 Mar 1917 -2000 Nancy Cato
Nancy Fotheringham
Australian writer (All the Rivers Run, Green Grows the Vine, Brown Sugar, Lady Lost in Time, Mister Maloga), campaigner for environmental and conservation issues, cousin also named Nancy Cato was host of children's TV show Magic Circle Club in mid 1960s
11 Mar 1931   Rupert Murdoch
Keith Rupert Murdoch
Australian born media mogul, founder and CEO of world's second largest media conglomerate News Corp (The Sun, The Herald, The Times, Wall Street Journal, New of the World, NY Post, 20th Century Fox, Foxtel pay TV), by 2000 (worth over $5 billion) News Corp owned over 800 companies in over 50 countries, to expand into US market Rupert moved to NY (1974) and became a naturalised US citizen (1985), moved and  re-incorporated News Corp from Adelaide Australia to New York, under fire in 2011 for illegal phone hacking by some of his 53,000 employees
11 Mar 1947   Geoffrey Brian Hunt Australian squash player, ranked World No. 1 (1975-1980), won World Open title (1976, 1977, 1979, 1980), World Squash Federation Hall of Fame
11 Mar 1968   Simone Buchanan Australian actress (Hey Dad, Neighbours, Runaway Island, Secret Valley, My Brilliant Career)
13 Mar 1942   George Edward Negus Australian high school teacher, journalist (Australian Financial Review), reporter (60 minutes, This Day Tonight), host (Today, Dateline, 6:30 with George Negus, Foreign Correspondent, George Negus Tonight),author (The World of Islam), in 2012 created heated public outcry over his comments on the TV show The Circle about Victoria Cross recipient Australian SAS serviceman Ben Roberts-Smith which was interpreted by many as implying Roberts-Smith might be impotent
13 Mar 1950   "Aussie Joe"
Joe Bugner
Hungarian-born British-Australian boxer, holds triple nationality, 69 wins 13 losses and 1 draw, oldest boxer (48years 110 days) to hold a world championship belt, adviser on 2005 Russell Crow film Cinderella Man
14 Mar 1904 -2000 Esther Freda Rofe Australian musician and composer (Sea Legend, Terra Australis, Mathinna, The Lake, Esther Rofe Songbook)
14 Mar 1970   Lochie Daddo
Christopher Lachlan
Australian actor (Neighbours), host (Getaway), first person eliminated from the celebrity reality singing TV show It Takes Two (2007), brother of Cameron and Andrew Daddo (actors, TV personality)
15 Mar 1866 -1948 Matthew Charlton Australian coal miner, politician, Member for Hunter (1910-1928), Leader of the Labor Party (1922-1928)
15 Mar 1985   James MacLurcan Australian actor (Zoey 101, Power Rangers Operation Overdrive), model (Australian Vogue)

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