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Famous Australian November Birthdays

NOVEMBER 1 to 15     NOVEMBER 16 to 30

Were you or someone you know born in November? You'll find below some notable Australian politicians, a heart surgeon, actors, musicians, athletes and even a Golden Guitar winner that have November birthdays.

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16 Nov 1896 -1984 Joan Lindsay
Joan a Beckett Weigall
Australian author (Picnic at Hanging Rock, Time Without Clocks), Picnic at Hanging Rock (based on actual events) was made into a movie in 1975
16 Nov 1936   John Moore Australian politician, stock broker, Liberal Member of House of Representatives for Ryan (1975-2001), 46th Australian Defence Minister (1998-2001)
17 Nov 1925 -2010 Charles Mackerras Australian conductor, first Australian chief conductor of Sydney Symphony Orchestra, conducted London Symphony Orchestra (1986), Czech Republic Medal of Merit (1996), first recipient Queen's Medal for Music
17 Nov 1954 -2013 Chopper Reed
Mark Brandon Read
Australian ex-criminal (armed robbery, assaulting a judge, kidnapping), author crime novels (How to Shoot Friends & Influence People, For the Term of His Unnatural Life), 2000 film Chopper starring Eric Banna was based on his books
17 Nov 1965   Amanda Brown Australian musician, violinist in the band The Go Betweens, film score composer (Preservation, Floodhouse, Look Both Ways, Monkey Puzzle, Son of Lion), APRA Award 2009
17 Nov 1966   Kate Ceberano Australian singer (Bedroom Eyes, Everything's Alright, Pash, That's What I Call Love), TV presenter (Getaway), actress (Dust Off the Wings, Molokai Story of Father Damien) ARIA Award 1989, 1990
17 Nov 1975   Brett Blewitt Australian actor (Neighbours, My Two Wives)
18 Nov 1935   Rodney Hall Australian author (Just Relations, Grisly Wife, Captivity Captive, Island in the Mind, Popeye Never Told You), Miles Franklin Award 1982, 1994
18 Nov 1952   Peter Douglas Beattie Australian politician, 36th Premier of Queensland (1998-2007), Australian Labor Party, author (Making a Difference, In the Arena, Year of Dangerous Ones)
21 Nov 1936 -1991 Victor Chang Chinese-Australian cardiac surgeon, responsible for developing Australia's National Heart Transplant Programme, led team that performed 1st Australian heart-lung transplant, murdered in a Sydney robbery
21 Nov 1974   Karen Louise Rolton Australian cricketer, scored most runs for Australia in women's Test cricket, Australian International Woman Cricketer of the Year 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006
21 Nov 1977   Myles Heskett Australian drummer, rock band Wolfmother (Woman), Grammy Award 2007, APRA Award 2007
22 Nov 1921 -1998 Mum Shirl
Colleen Shirley Perry
Aboriginal Australian activist, founding member Aboriginal Legal Service, Aboriginal Medical Service and Aboriginal Tent Embassy, raised over 60 children who had no where to go, although technically illiterate spoke 16 Aboriginal languages, born of Wiradjuri descent, Australia's National Living Treasure 1998
23 Nov 1956   Shane Elizabeth Gould Australian swimmer, 3 gold 1 silver, 1 bronze 1972 Olympics, born on first day of competition of 1956 Melbourne Olympics, 1972 Australian of the Year, only person (male or female) to hold every world freestyle record from 100m to 1500m at same time
24 Nov 1949   Shane Bourne Australian comedian, TV host (Hey Hey It's Saturday, Blankety Blanks, Thank God You're Here), and actor (MDA, City Homicide), AFI Award 2003, 2005
24 Nov 1972   Daniel Jon Falzon Maltese-Australian actor (Neighbours, The Alice), paramedic in Alice Springs
25 Nov 1950   Alexis Wright Aboriginal Australian author (Carpentaria, Plains of Promise, Grog War), land rights activist, originally from Waanyi people, Miles Franklin Award 2006
26 Nov 1948   Elizabeth Blackburn Elizabeth Helen Blackburn Australian-American molecular biologist, 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, American Cancer Society Medal of Honor 2000, Heineken Prize for Medicine 2004, Benjamin Franklin Medal 2005, Fellow of Australian Academy of Science, listed in 2007 Time Magazine's The Time 100 The People Who Shape Our World
26 Nov 1970   Dave Hughes Australian comedian (Melbourne International Comedy Festival), TV host (The Project, Before the Game, Glass House), radio (Nova 100 Hughesy & Kate)
28 Nov 1974   Kristian Schmid Australian actor (Neighbours, Sea Patrol, Packed to the Rafters, Scooby-Doo, Blurred, Stupid Stupid Man)
28 Nov 1984   Andrew Bogut Australian basketball player, USA Milwaukee Bucks, first Aussie drafted #1 overall in NBA, returned to Australia for Olympics 2004, 2008 as a Boomer
28 Nov 1945 -1996 John Hargreaves Australian actor (Last Rites, Young Ramsay, Little Boy Lost, Banana Bender, Hoodwink, Cry Freedom), AFI Award 1983, 1984, 1986, Logie 1980
28 Nov 1976   Ryan Kwanten Australian actor (Home and Away, Summerland, True Blood, Spellbinder, Flicka, Don't Fade Away, Red Hill)
29 Nov 1888 -1917 Joe Slater Australian rules footballer, Geelong's Team of the Century, enlisted WWI and lost his life during the conflict in France in 1917
29 Nov 1898 -1987 John Francis O'Hagan Australian musician, wrote over 600 songs with 200+ published (Along the Road to Gundagai, Our Don Bradman, Dog on the Tuckerbox, Ginger Meggs, God Bless Australia)
30 Nov 1928   Raymond Steele Hall Australian politician, 36th Premier of SA (1968-70), first Australian state premier to wear sideburns

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