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What Is It?

What Is This Coat of Arms?

Do you know what Australian coat of arms has a white man (dressed like Captain Cook) and an Aboriginal man holding the shield? No? We didn't either when Ruth asked us.


Sydney's Coat of ArmsAfter doing some research, we learned that the coat of arms belongs to the city of Sydney. It's the original coat of arms, but was replaced in 1996. The current design is more modern and doesn't show any people.

You can still the the original coat of arms inside the Sydney Town Hall. You'll find more info and pictures at the City of Sydney's website.



What Is This Company?

Grace wants to know the name of the company that has a symbol that looks like a jumping kangaroo with a boomerang under it.

If you've seen it, please let us know. We'd like to see it too.

Did you know . . .
In 1869, two Australians unearthed the world's largest nugget of gold, the "Welcome Stranger," which measured 10 by 25 inches before it was melted down.


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