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Australian Women Writers

Olivia W. emailed me to ask why we only had a few poems written by women. Good question. So I've done a bit of research and put together some more poems written by women.

Mary Hannay Foott

I've added five poems by Mary Hannay Foott. Anyone who went to school in Australia probably read her poem Where the Pelican Builds. I really enjoyed The Clever Cat and her Old Pony's Christmas.

Dame Mary Gilmore

You may know her as the lady on the $10 Australian note. Henry Lawson is on the front.

Dame Gilmore had ideas that were rather controversial in her day. Through her writing she campaigned for better conditions for working women and indigenous Australians as well as for children's welfare.

I've added seven poems by Dame Mary Gilmore. Her patriotic poem No Foe Shall Gather Our Harvest is on the $10 note. The sorrow of war is in her two poems War and Gallipoli. She laments the loss of The Waradgery Tribe. On a lighter note, her Whistling Men shows the pleasure in everyday things.

In Australian Stories and Poems

More women writers on our website

Ethel Castilla
Ethel C. Pedley
Louisa Lawson
Caroline Carleton
Inez Hyland

Also new on our website . . .

While I was adding some new poems by women, I added a few more by the men.

C.J. Dennis

We have 9 by Dennis already, but I added 4 more that kids (of all ages) might enjoy –

The Traveller, The Ant Explorer, Hist!, and

Adam Lindsay Gordon

I've added 2 more to the 9 we already had –
Roll of the Kettledrum, and From The Wreck.

Banjo Paterson

Although we have over 30 by Banjo, I couldn't resist adding 3 more – The Daylight Is Dying, Black Swans, and By The Grey Gulf Water

Henry Lawson

We have over 20 by Lawson and I've added 2 more you might – Here Died, and Middleton's Rouseabout

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Brave Australian Soldiers Poem

Gayle is looking for a poem she learned in school that starts off with

  "On the 25th of April, far across the sea,
   Our brave Australian soldiers stormed
   Gallipoli. ... "

Update ... Answer to Gayle
Jacob emailed me that the poem Gayle was looking for was written in the early 1900s and can be found in the grades 3 and 4 book called The School Paper.

Nancy Bowman from Poltallock, South Australia (about 130km west of Adelaide) was only 10 years old when she wrote the poem.

New Update – I Found It !
I finally have the poem for you. Nancy's poem is called Our Australian Soldiers and it's now on our website for you to read and enjoy. 

Ed. note: We've also found a version of this poem used in the Family Notices in the 25th April 1919 issue of the newspaper The Argus (Melbourne, Victoria)

"FOTHERGILL – In sad and loving memory of our dearly loved son and brother, Jack,
6th Battalion (Anzac), who was killed in action, at Gallipoli, on 25th April, 1915.

On the 25th of April, Far across the sea,
Darling Jack, you stormed Gallipoli,
With comrades dear.

In a loving son's grave you lie,
Far from all who love you;
We often think of you, dear Jack,
And wonder how you died.

Oh, God, shall we never know, for not another word can be learned, though ever so hard we have tried. The dearest spot on earth is where your dear body lies with comrades dear.

Inserted by his loving parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fothergill, sisters, and brother; late of Euroa."


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