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Our Quickie Polls are ... well ... quick to do. Rather obvious for a name, but then Steve's suggestion of Backseat Polls was voted as too blokey for the title.

So what can we say about this area? The polls here range from thought provoking to what have you seen and done in Australia. Each poll has an option for you to leave a comment so you can express yourself or simply read what others have to say.

To Donate or Not . . .
Every country experiences a variety of disasters every year such as fires, floods, earthquakes, and so on. Some give money and some don't and some risk their own lives trying to help others. How do you feel when asked for donations?

What would you do if . . .
This group of polls hands you different situations and then asks how you would handle them.

I've been everywhere
What have you seen and done in Australia? Over time we hope to get a clear picture of where
everyone's going in this great country of ours. Whether you're a tourist or living here, we hope
you'll share your experiences and add your comments.

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