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1990 Commonwealth Games

Opening Ceremony ... 24 Jan 1990 Host City ... Auckland, New Zealand Closing Ceremony ... 3 Feb 1990
Participants ... 1,949 athletes, 54 Commonwealth Nations

Commonwealth Games Bronze Medal Winners
56 Australian Bronze Medal Winners

Athletics Boxing Cycling Diving Gymnastics Judo Shooting Swimming Weightlifting

 Men's Discus Throw Paul Nandapi
 Women's Javelin Throw Kate Farrow
 Women's Discus Throw Astra Vitols
 Women's 400m Hurdles Jenny Laurendet
 Women's 800 metres Sharon Stewart
 Featherweight - up to 57 kg James Nicholson
 Light Welterweight - up to 63.5 kg Stefan Scriggins
 Welterweight - up to 67 kg Grahame Cheney
 Men's 10 miles Stephen McGlede
 Men's 4,000m Individual Pursuit Darren Winter
 Women's 72km Individual Road Race Kathleen Shannon
 Men's 1m Springboard Simon McCormack
 Women's 1m Springboard Peta Taylor
 Men's Artistic Vault Timothy Lees
 Men's Artistic Rings Kenneth Meredith
 Men's Artistic Parallel Bars Peter Hogan
 Men's Artisitc Horizontal Bars Brennon Dowrick
 Men's Artisitc Team All Around Brennon Dowrick, Peter Hogan,
Timothy Lees, Kenneth Meredith
 Women's Artistic Floor Kylie Shadbolt
 Women's Artistic Vault Monique Allen
 Women's Artistic Uneven Bars Michelle Telfer
 Women's Artistic Balance Beam Kylie Shadbolt
 Women's Artistic Individual All Around Kylie Shadbolt
 Men's Half Middleweight - up to 78 kg Gavin Kelly
 Men's Middleweight - up to 86 kg Christopher Bacon
 Women's Open Geraldine Dekker
 Women's Extra Lightweight - up to 48 kg Julie Reardon
 Women's Half Lightweight - up to 52 kg Catherine Grainger
 Women's Middleweight - up to 66 kg Narelle Hill
 Full Bore Rifle Singles James Corbett
 Centre Fire Pistol Singles Bruce Quick
 Trap Pairs Russell Mark, John Maxwell
 Men's 100m Butterfly Jason Cooper
 Men's 200m Freestyle Tom Stachewicz
 Men's 1,500m Freestyle Michael McKenzie
 Men's 200m Individual Medley Martin Roberts
 Men's 4x100m Medley Relay Andrew Baildon, Chris Fydler, Phil Rogers,
Tom Stachewicz
 Women's 200m Butterfly Nicole Redford
 Women's 100m Backstroke Johanna Griggs
 Women's 200m Backstroke Karen Lord
 Women's 200m Breaststroke Helen Morris
 Women's 200m Individual Medley Hayley Lewis
 Women's 400m Individual Medley Donna Procter
 Women's 400m Freestyle Janelle Elford
 Women's 800m Freestyle Sheridan Burge-Lopez
 Lightweight (up to 67.5kg) Snatch Mark Blair
 Middleweight (up to 75kg) Clean & Jerk Damian Brown
 Middle Heavyweight (up to 90kg) Snatch Harvey Goodman
 Middle Heavyweight (up to 90kg) Clean & Jerk Harvey Goodman
 Middle Heavyweight (up to 90kg) Overall Harvey Goodman
 Flyweight (up to 52kg) Snatch Gregory Hayman
 Flyweight (up to 52kg) Overall Gregory Hayman
 Super Heavyweight (over 110kg) Snatch Steven Kettner
 Super Heavyweight (over 110kg) Clean & Jerk Steven Kettner
 Super Heavyweight (over 110kg) Overall Steven Kettner
 Middleweight (up to 75kg) Snatch Ronald Laycock


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