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Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games has a long and distinguished history. The first Games were held in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 1930. From 1930 to 1950 it was called the British Empire Games. From 1954 to 1966 it was called the British Empire and Commonwealth Games. From 1970 to 1974 it was changed again to British Commonwealth Games. And finally, since the 1978 Games, the name was simplified to the current Commonwealth Games.

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Although many of the world's most powerful sporting nations (USA, France, Germany, Russia, etc.) are not represented, the 70 countries who do participate at the Commonwealth Games comprise 30% of the world’s population. While it's smaller than the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games considers itself the 'friendly games'. Since the beginning, the Games have been held every four years. Due to World War II the Games were cancelled in 1942 and 1946.

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