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Common Ingredient Measurements

using recipes from other countries you find on the Internet is great fun. However, it can get a bit confusing when they call for ingredients you don't know. To help you, we've put together a list of some common ingredients with their approximate quantities in cups, grams and ounces.

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Since these quantities are an approximation, they should be used as a guide only. Our conversions have been rounded for cooking purposes. They may vary depending on the actual product you're using and other factors.

In other words, use your best judgement when converting any recipe. AND never, ever cook for a special event with an untested recipe unless you're very brave or a contestant on the Australian Masterchef TV show.

Tip for beginners ...

When measuring dry or solid ingredients, always use the flat edge of a knife or other flat edge utensil to drag across the surface of a spoon or cup after you fill it.

If you don't remove the excess, you'll be adding more than is required in your recipe. All charts (including ours) is based on measuring ingredients this way.

The only exception to this is when your recipe calls for a heaping teaspoon or tablespoon. Then you should not remove the excess.

Why don't the chefs you see on TV measure this way? They did when they first started cooking. After lots of experience, they are now able to judge the amounts they use without exact measuring. They also know how to adjust a mixture when they don't have the balance right.

So be wise and measure properly to consistently get the best results.

Cups Grams Ounces
biscuit crumbs (cookie crumbs) 1 cup 110 3  
breadcrumbs, dry 1 cup 125 4  
breadcrumbs, soft 1 cup 60 2    
choc bits 1 cup 190 6    
cocoa 1 cup 110 3  
cornflour (cornstarch) 1 cup 125 4  
cornflakes 1 cup 30 1    
coconut, desiccated 1 cup 85 2  
dried split peas / lentils 1 cup 200 7    
dried fruit sultanas / currants 1 cup 160 5  
dates, chopped 1 cup 150 5  
jam (jelly) 1 cup 330 11  
nuts, chopped 1 cup 125 4  
oats, rolled 1 cup 90 3  
rice bubbles (Rice Crispies) 1 cup 30 1    
rice, uncooked short grain 1 cup 210 7  
rice, uncooked long grain 1 cup 200 7    
salt 1 cup 250 8  
DAIRY & FATS          
butter / margarine 1 cup 250 8  
copha (shortening) 1 cup 250 8  
cheese, grated 1 cup 125 4  
sour cream 1 cup 235 7  
yoghurt 1 cup 260 8  
flour, plain / self-raising 1 cup 150 4  
flour, wholemeal (whole wheat flour) 1 cup 135 4  
golden syrup (corn syrup) 1 cup 360 12  
honey / glucose 1 cup 360 12  
sugar, brown lightly packed 1 cup 160 5    
sugar, brown firmly packed 1 cup 200 6  
sugar, caster (superfine sugar) 1 cup 220 7    
sugar, icing (confectioners sugar) 1 cup 150 4  
sugar, white 1 cup 225 7    
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