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When using something (recipes, building plans, etc.) from another country, make sure the measurements and items listed are the same thing where you are.

For example, an American might say, "We're going shopping for winter coats - it's in the 40s this week." When it's in the 40s in Australia, an Aussie would be throwing on a cozzie (bathing suit) and heading for the beach.

Yes, that's right, America uses Fahrenheit and Australia uses Centigrade for measuring temperature. Tip ... never assume anything.

There's also quite a difference in names of food. If an American ordered a peanut butter and jelly here, they'd need to do a bit of explaining. To us, jelly is what Americans call jello. Very different things. (A sandwich made of peanut butter spread on jello would not be good.)

So have a look at our Food Chart and you'll see over 45 food equivalents to help you.

We've prepared a variety of charts that you may find handy. If you need a more precise answer, try our converters.

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GMT Help (time conversions) for Americans


Helpful Conversion Charts

Food Substitutions

Over 45 food equivalents such as copha, scones, griller, rock melon, bickies, etc.

Cooking Measurements

Cups, gills, inches, ounces, millimetres, etc.

Ingredient Measurements

Common ingredients (butter, flour, sugar, breadcrumbs, etc.) in cups, grams, ounces

Baking Tin Sizes

Square and deep cake tins, Swiss roll tins, and other tins.


Celsius, Fahrenheit, air temperature, oven temperature.

Common Listing Terms Used on eBay
Terms, abbreviations and acronyms to help you buy and sell on eBay.

Paper Sizes
Australian and American

Names of Large Number new
Australian, UK, USA and others

Handy Converters


Inches, centimetres, yards, metres, and kilometres.


Liquid measures such as cups, ounces, and pints.


Grams, ounces, pounds.


Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin.

Roman Numerals

Morse Code

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