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Aboriginal People

One of the things people coming to an Australian website want to read and learn about are Aboriginal stories. You may find these stories on non-Aboriginal owned websites.

In great respect for the Aboriginal people, we have decided not to publish their stories on our website. We think the Australian Museum states it best:

"It can be very distressing for an Indigenous community to find cultural material, whether story, artefact, painting, etc., in the public domain without consent. As with the secret/sacred stories, each community places controls on who can have access to cultural information. Permission to re-tell the 'Stories of the Dreaming' can only be given by the custodian/s of each story, in consultation with their community."

If you agree with us, we encourage you to write any non-Aboriginal website that publishes such stories and ask them to remove them out of respect and provide a link to the Australian Museum instead.

Stories of the Dreaming
1. DreamTime

Send an Aboriginal Greeting CardWe encourage you to visit the Australian Museum to see the videos, hear the audios and read the text of the stories as told by members of the Indigenous community. It is an outstanding website that presents the Dreamtime stories as they were meant to be told. 

Send an Aboriginal Greeting Card

Try our free online greeting cards showcasing wonderful Aboriginal art. You'll also hear original didgeridoo music created just for these cards and learn about the Aboriginal artist, Joanne Gwarli Nangala.

We Recommend Visiting

Aboriginal Australia
2. Ingarnendi Museum South Australia
This website provides an authentic cultural exchange allowing you to explore Aboriginal culture through art from various communities. You'll find resources for teachers and students. This impressive government website offers information on the South Australian Museum which has been deeply involved in and committed to the collection, study, display and interpretation of Indigenous cultures in the Australasian region. The Museum holds ethnographic collections from across Australia, in particular from South Australia and from the central and northern regions of the continent. They include artefacts, films, sound recordings, photographs, field notebooks and manuscripts. This is a website well worth visiting.

More Information

  1. Aboriginal Art
    Features links to Aboriginal owned and operated Art Centre websites in the Top End
    of the Northern Territory, north of Western Australia and throughout central Australia
  2. Wollotuka School of Aboriginal Studies
  3. Aboriginal Studies in the Hunter Region
  4. Awaba
    Electronic datebase to history, culture and language of the Indigenous
    people of the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie region NSW
  5. Association of Northern Kimberly and Arnheim Aboriginal Artists
  6. Association of Central Australian Aboriginal Art and Craft Centres
  7. Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre Alice Springs
  8. Aboriginal Australia
  9. Koori Centre - Sydney University
  10. Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation
  11. Reconciliation Australia

Note: all links to other websites open in a new window. When you're done browsing the other website, close that window. We'll be here waiting so you can continue your visit with us.

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