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Road Distances Between Australian Cities

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Driving Speeds (approximate)

 Australia 50kph 60kph 70kph 80kph 90kph 100kph 110kph
 USA 30mph 37mph 43mph 50mph 56mph 62mph 69mph

General Information

Driving a car in Australia requires you to have a valid driver's licence. In addition the vehicle you are driving must be registered with the government. For information about licences and motor vehicle registration, see this government website.

Everyone in your car must wear a seatbelt or a proper child restraint. Not doing so can result in an expensive fine and demerits against your driver's licence.

Drink Driving (USA - DWI, driving while intoxicated)
Drink driving is taken very seriously and is a criminal offence in Australia. You will have a criminal conviction recorded if you're found guilty of drink driving. If you cause an accident while drink driving and someone dies, you can also be charged with murder or manslaughter.

All drivers are subject to a random breath test with a breathalyser used to measure the amount of alcohol in your blood. The permitted alcohol level in most states and territories is 0.05, which is 0.05 grams of alcohol in every 100ml of your blood. The permitted alcohol level in probationary, provisional and learner drivers (P and L plates) are even less, from zero to 0.02.

Speed cameras are used in all Australian states and territories to measure how fast your vehicle is travelling. The fine notice for speeding violations is usually sent by mail. The amount of the fine depends on how much above the speed limit you were driving. You will also have points deducted (called demerits) for each violation. When your licence has no points left, it will be suspended or cancelled.

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