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Australian Food Quiz

How many will you get right? Click on the Answer down arrow after you've made a guess. Come on Mate. Give it a guess before you look.

Note: The links below are to pages with recipes or information about the food.

1. What is a pie floater?

a. A scoop of ice cream floating in a drink
b. A meat pie floating in green pea soup
c. Bickie crumbs floating in your coffee
d. A present left on your car by a bird

2. What are Rice Bubbles?

a. A dessert
b. A type of food for fish
c. A type of food for parrots
d. A breakfast cereal

3. What do you call the Aussie favourite sponge cake
    cubes dipped in chocolate and rolled in coconut?

a. Koala Cubes
b. Delights
c. Lamingtons
d. Croc Chocs

4. If you were offered a yabby should you eat it?

a. Yes, it's a delicious pumpkin soup
b. Yes, it's a freshwater crayfish
c. Yes, it's chicken baked in campfire coals
d. No, it's a type of hat

5. Aussies love cooking snags on their barbie. What is a snag?

a. sausages
b. steaks
c. prawns
d. chicken legs

6. What is Vegemite?

a. A tiny insect like a tick that lives on kangaroos
b. A vegetable recipe of peas, carrots and corn
c. A food spread made of yeast and vegetable extract
d. A child that watches TV too much

7. What should you do with a damper?

a. It's bread, so eat it
b. It's a type of coat, so wear it
c. It's a style of haircut, so comb it
d. It's a garden tool, so take it outside

8. What is a tropical dessert made of meringue, whipped cream
    and topped with a selection of tropical fruits called?
    It's named after a famous ballerina.

a. Nurmova
b. Tropilova
c. Zilatmova
d. Pavlova

9. Australians are the world's biggest consumer
    of meat pies. How many do we eat every year?

a. Almost 45 million
b. Almost 100 million
c. Over 250 million
d. Over 375 million

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