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Australian Land Facts

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 1. What is the highest point in Australia?

Mount Kosciuszko in New South Wales
Mawson Peak on Heard Island
Mount Isa in Queensland

2. Which state has the longest border of all the Australian states and territories?

New South Wales
South Australia

3. Which state shares a border with all the mainland states and the
    Northern Territory in Australia?

Western Australia
South Australia

4. Australia is the lowest continent in the world. What is its average elevation?

330 metres
750 metres
1,250 metres

5. The world's highest mountain is Mount Everest at 8,848 metres.
    How does this compare to Australia's Mount Kosciuszko?

Mt. Everest is twice as high
Mt. Everest is 3 times higher
Mt. Everest is 4 times higher
Mt. Everest is 5 times higher

6. How long is the Murray-Darling river system measured from its source
    in Queensland to its mouth on the coast south-east of Adelaide?

2,798 kilometres long
3,370 kilometres long
4,169 kilometres long
5,002 kilometres long

7. What is the largest desert in Australia?

Tanami in Northern Territory
Great Sandy in Western Australia
Gibson in Western Australia
Great Victoria in Western Australia and South Australia
Simpson in Queensland, South Australia and Northern Territory

8. Apart from Antarctica, Australia is the driest continent in the world.
    Because it receives so little rain, about 35 % of the continent is effectively desert.
    In total, 70 % of mainland Australia receives how much rain?

less than  50 cm  (19.7 inches) of rain annually
less than  75 cm  (29.5 inches) of rain annually
less than 122 cm (48.0 inches) of rain annually
less than 200 cm (78.7  inches) of rain annually

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