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Australian Spelling Bee

See how many you get right in our version of an Aussie spelling bee. Here are some well known and some not so well known Australian place names.

I was inspired by the classic Aussie song I've Been Everywhere Man to create this spelling list. Click on the See Answer button after you've made a guess. Come on Mate. Give it a guess before you look.

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1. Capital of New South Wales

a. Sidney
b. Sydney
c. Sedney

2. Town in south-east New South Wales near the Snowy Mountains

a. Jindabyne
b. Jindibyne
c. Jindybine

3. Capital of Victoria

a. Melbourne
b. Melborne
c. Melburn

4. Located in New South Wales. After the First Fleet's arrival, the
    area was orignally called Garden Island Cove

a. Woolamooloo
b. Wooloomolloo
c. Woolloomooloo

5. Capital of Queensland

a. Brysbane
b. Brissbun
c. Brisbane

6. Seaside city in New South Wales. It is home to Nan Tien Temple,
    the largest Buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere.

a. Wollongong
b. Wollengong
c. Woollongong

7. Located in at the foot of Mount Chincogan in New South Wales

a. Mullabimbe
b. Mullumbimby
c. Mullanbinby

8. Capital of South Australia

a. Adelaide
b. Addalay
c. Adalaid

9. Located in Queensland. A song was named for the city about
    Gunsynd, a famous race horse.

a. Goondawindi
b. Gondawindy
c. Goondiwindi

10. Located in South Australia, the Pink Roadhouse is a focal point
     for this small town

a. Onadetta
b. Oodnadatta
c. Oonedatta

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