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Back in 1912 British immigrants to Australia were called pommygrants. This may have been because their complexion reminded Aussies of the colour of red pomegranates. That was abbreviated to pommy and pom.

However, some will argue that it stands for Prisoner Of Mother England, but we won't comment on that. It helps to have to have a sense of humour when talking to an Aussie.


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Aussie person from Australia, an Australian. Pronounced Ozzy not Ossie.
Bushie person from in rural Australia
Cockroach person from New South Wales (said with humour)
Crow-Eater person from South Australia (said with humour)
Banana Bender person from Queensland (said with humour)
Cane Toad person from Queensland (said with humour)
Sandgroper person from Western Australia (said with humour)
Apple Eater person from Tasmania (said with humour)
Taswegian person from Tasmania (said with humour)
Kiwi person from New Zealand, a New Zealander
Pommy or Pom person from England (said with humour)
Brit person from England
Yank person from the USA (said with humour)
Septic Tank person from the USA (said with humour), rhyming word with Yank
Seppo person from the USA (said with humour), play on Septic Tank. Also another word for the person who empties the dunny or septic tank.
Ambo ambulance officer
Firee fire fighter, fireman. Also spelled fire-ie.
Bushfire Brigade volunteer fire fighting organization
Nipper young surf lifesaver
Journo journalist
Newsreader person who reads the news on TV or radio. News anchor (USA and Canada)
Compere emcee of a program or event
Muso musician
Busker person who performs (busks) for donations usually on sidewalks. Mostly musicians and singers.
Gabster radio talk show host
Showie person working in a travelling carnival. Carnie in the USA.
Spruiker person whose job it is to speak loudly to passers-by to advertise and solicit customers for a business
Solicitor lawyer, attorney
Pollie politician
Greenie environmentalist
Greens member of the political Green Party
Battler someone without much luck in life and always has to struggle
Reffo refugee
Biker person who rides a motorcycle
Bikie member of a motorcycle gang
Swagman a drifter (person without a permanent place to live) who carried his swag as he travelled the country on foot looking for work. He was a common sight during the depression of the 1890's and 1930's.
Tall Poppy successful person often a target of jealous remarks
Bluey nickname for a person with red hair
Curly nickname for a person with a bald head
Duck's Disease what a short person has
Lofty nickname for a short person
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