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The following list covers a variety of things you may hear about in every day conversation. If you're visiting Australia, it's always handy to know the right word to ask for something you need.

It's interesting to learn how a slang word became popular. For example 'gasper' is slang for a cigarette. Seems rather obvious, doesn't it. Actually gasper was used as far back as 1914 during World War I by military personnel. It referred to inferior cigarettes that made a smoker gasp. No doubt doctors would argue that all cigarettes are inferior ... to our health.

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Logies annual Australian award show to honour excellence in the TV industry
Chiller horror movie
Warrie war movie
Yip yips movies about the American west
Cotton Wool absorbent cotton, cotton balls
Prezzies gifts
Li-Lo air mattress
Matilda old term for a swagman's bedroll or swag
Script prescription
Dart cigarette
Coffin Nail cigarette
Fag cigarette
Gasper cigarette
Lung Lolly cigarette
OP's other people's cigarettes. Instead of buying your own you smoke OP's.
Rollie a cigarette you roll yourself
Nasho National Service, compulsory military service
Didgeridoo a wind instrument traditionally made from a Eucalyptus tree or branch naturally hollowed out by termites. Invented by Aboriginals, it produces low-pitched, resonant sounds with complex, rhythmic patterns
Willy Willy small whirlwind (dust devil in USA)
We're SafeSurf Rated

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