time for a break

Fun Time Games

You'll find over 100 free online action games, word games, puzzles, illusions, and just plain silly things to amuse yourself. Life is too short to be so serious. So take a break and have some fun with us.

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Strange and Weird

Walk on the strange side and let us
play some games with your mind.

Brain Conflict
Battle between your right and left.

Flying Fox
Can you trust your eyes?

Black Dot Illusion  ...  Box Illusion
Flower Illusion  ...  Fading Illusion

Logic & Memory Games

Try these classic games.

Tricky logic game. 7 layouts with solutions.

Simon Says

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Fun Things

Hmmm !

A mixture of things to try. Why not?
No one's looking ... or are they?!

I Dare You
Tell your boss, friend or partner what you really think about them.

Crystal Ball Tells All
Classic seer of the future

How to be a Billionaire  new

Your Birthday

Day You Were Born
Fair of face or full of woe?

Your Astrological Signs
Chinese and Western.

Dog's Age
How old is your dog in human years?

Day of the Week

Silly Stuff

Amuse Yourself

"A little nonsense now and then, is cherished
by the wisest men"  ... Willy Wonka

9 different silly things
Aliens, butterflies, spaceships, pinwheels, clocks and more


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