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Blonde Jokes

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Sorry, we couldn't resist putting on this page some of the jokes you've sent us. If you're a blonde, just change it to another group: solicitors, pollies, people from another state, etc. Humour is universal.

Q: Did you hear about the traffic jam in Perth
     that lasted for hours?
A: Imagine 4 blonde tourists in 4 cars at a
     roundabout. Scary.

Q: Why did the blonde tourist cross the road?
A: I don't know and neither does she.
    Perhaps she's looking for the chook.

Q: What do blondes and Tooheys beer bottles
     have in common?
A: They're both empty from the neck up.

A blonde tourist walked into Harvey Normans and asked to buy a PM radio. Thinking this must be a new kind of radio overseas, the salesman said, "What does it do?" She replied, "It plays at night. I already have an AM radio for the day."

Q: What's the difference between a smart
     blonde and Tassie tiger?
A: Maybe someday we'll find the tiger.

Three girls from Bondi Beach were stranded in the (something) desert. Suddenly a Genie appeared saying "I will give each of you one wish".

"I want to go home," said the brunette. The Genie nodded his head and the brunette went home. Next was the red head. She said, "I want to go home" and like the brunette she was whisked home.

The last girl was a blonde. The Genie said, "What is your wish?"

The blonde replied, "I don't know where to go. I wish my friends were here to help me!"

A blonde ran into the house breathless. She said to her roommate, "I just saved $2 by not taking the bus. I chased it all the way home."

Her roommate, another blonde, said, "That's nothing. I chased a cab yesterday and saved myself $20."

Have a Laugh on Us

Q: Why was the blonde tourist so pleased with
     herself when she finished the jigsaw puzzle
     of the Sydney skyline?
A: It said 3 - 4 years on the box and she
     finished it in 6 months.

Did you hear about the blonde tourist who locked her three friends in her Holden?

She called a locksmith to get them out. He charged her triple the rate because he unlocked 3 doors to get the 3 of them out. Blondes make his day.

Q: Why was the blonde staring at a shelf in
A: She was buying laundry powder and it said

Q: Why does a blonde keep a wire coat hanger
     in the back seat of her car?
A: In case she locks her keys in.

One blonde was overheard explaining to another blonde how to create a password on the computer. Her password was ...

She explained that passwords need to be at least 8 characters long.

Q: What do you call a brunette standing
     between two blondes?
A: An interpreter.

Q: Why did the blonde keep an empty milk jug
     in the fridge?
A: Just in case someone wanted black coffee.

Did you hear about the parachute invented by a blonde?

It opens on impact. It's the reason there are no sky diving clubs for blondes.


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