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Premier Wishes

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We'd like to share with you a bit of good-hearted political humour. For our non-Australian visitors, a state or territory Premier is like a USA state Governor.

The Premiers of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria were walking along a beach when they spotted a bottle washed up by the waves.

They all grabbed the bottle at the same time. In the tussle the bottle was rubbed and seconds later a genie appeared.

The Genie said, "I will grant the person that released me from the bottle three wishes."

Each of the Premiers replied, "I'm the one that released you!".

To settle the matter, the Genie said, "I will grant each of you one wish."

The Victorian Premier thought long and hard. His wish was for Victoria to be the financial capital of Australia.

The Genie granted his wish and the state became wealthy and prosperous.

The New South Wales Primer thought long and hard as well. His wish was for a wall to be constructed around New South Wales so high that no one from Victoria or Queensland could ever enter.

The Genie granted a his wish and an impenetrable wall miles high appeared surrounding New South Wales.

The Genie said to the Queensland Premier, "What is your wish?"

Scratching his chin he said to the Genie, "Can I ask some questions first?"

The Genie said, "Yes, go ahead."

"Are you sure the wall around NSW is so high and so thick that no one can penetrate the wall?" asked the Queensland Premier.

"Yes," said the Genie.

"Is it water-tight - no leaks or anything?"

Again the Genie said, "Yes."

"My wish," said the Queensland Premier, "is for you to fill it up with water."


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