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Australian Slang Quiz

How many will you get right? Come on Mate. Give it a guess before you look.

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1. If someone offers you 'a cuppa', say yes and you'll get . . .
    a. a punch in the nose
    b. an Australian cake
    c. a cup of tea

2. If someone says they are 'aggro', what are they?
    a. a gardener
    b. drunk
    c. upset

3. If someone calls you a 'galah', what are they saying about you?
    a. you are a loud and rude person
    b. you are gallant, a real gentleman
    c. you are a criminal, headed for the gallows

4. If someone asks you to come over this 'arvo', when should you arrive?
    a. this morning
    b. this weekend
    c. this afternoon

5. If someone tells you to give them a 'fair suck of the sav',
    they want you to . . .
    a. shut up and listen
    b. share the beer
    c. help them pay for something

6. If someone says 'I have the wog', what are they talking about?
    a. they have the frog
    b. they are sick with a cold or the flu
    c. they have the stupid person with them

7. If someone says let's 'crack a tinny', what are they going to do?
    a. open the sun roof on the car
    b. open a can of beer
    c. race a boat

8. If someone asks you where the dunny is, what are they looking for?
    a. the pub
    b. the boss
    c. the toilet

9. If someone ask you where the dummy is, what are they looking for?
    a. the boss
    b. the son-in-law
    c. the baby's pacifier

10. If someone says they are 'fair dinkum', they mean . . .
    a. they know how to swim a little
    b. they are telling you the truth
    c. they were born in Australia

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