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ABOUT US exposed !!!

Like the Wizard of Oz, we’re pulling back the curtains and revealing who is behind this website.

Say hello to Pam and Max, a 65+ husband and wife team living in Queensland. That’s right, we are a couple of battling oldies who designed and built this website, researched and wrote all you see. has been personally funded by us for over 18 years and has grown to over 3,000 pages.

Why the big reveal? Because we need your help so we can continue to bring you interesting and helpful information about Aussies and the country we love, Australia.

Who visits us? Everyday Aussies as well as teachers, students, children, businesses, organizations, governments and international visitors.

76.3% Australia    8.6% USA     4.0% UK
We've had visitors come from almost every country in the world

Unique Visitors
Page Views
up 65.6% from previous year
up 63.2% from previous year
up 49.1% from previous year

You are not a statistic to us. We know who you are from the letters you write to us asking questions. We try to answer as many as we can, especially from children curious about Australia.

Max and I thank you for supporting us in whatever way you can and most of all for enjoying our labour of love,

Your mates ... Pam and Max Bugeja

Ways YOU can help us

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Financial support
If you work for a company or the government and can arrange money to sponsor us and keep this site going, please let us know.

If you'd like to reach us by mail, please use the following address:

Pam and Max Bugeja
PO Box 644
Burpengary QLD 4505

How you can help

If you enjoy our website, we would love to have your support. Any contribution you can give us to keep this site going is greatly appreciated.

1. Click the button to go to the
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Rather send it by mail? Our postal address is at the bottom of this page.

No money? No worries mate. We are happy to share our website with you.

How you've helped us

No more banned ecards –
A Dedicated Server

Your generous contributions made it possible for us to move our website to a dedicated server in January 2013.

Why? Hundreds of our free ecards you sent were being rejected. They were returned to us because our old server is now on the banned list. Why?? When other sites on the same server do the wrong thing, everyone on it gets banned.

Moving to our very own dedicated server means our greeting cards will all get through when you send one.

A very big THANK YOU goes to Clive, Reg A, Susan J, Alan P, and all the other wonderful people who have helped make this possible.

Next on Our Wish List

New Greeting Card Program

We receive emails all the time from people who want to send their cards sent on different dates and to send the same card to many people at one time. Unfortunately, this is not possible with our current card program.

We'd love to get enough contributions to pay for a new card program and the conversion of our existing cards to it. It's one of the dreams we have to provide you with more free services.

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