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Australia at 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympic Games

Australia sent 417 athletes (250 men and 167 women) to the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics. They competed in 211 events in 26 Olympic sports. Australian athletes have competed in all of the Summer Olympic Games since the games started.

The most medals won by an Australian athlete was 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze medal for Susie O'Neill and 1 silver and 2 bronze medals for Daniel Kowalski, all in swimming events.

Host 1st 2nd 3rd Dates
XXVI 1996 United States Atlanta 9 9 23 19 July– 4 Aug

The following records are Australians who won gold, silver or bronze medals at the 1996 Olympic Games.

Australia at Olympics
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As the host for the next Olympics (Sydney 2000), Australia played Waltzing Matilda in the closing ceremony The Australian Government had to pay royalties for using Waltzing Matilda at the 1996 Olympic Games. By the 2000 Sydney Games the song was out of copyright.

1996 Atlanta USA

  Sport Event Competitors
1st Equestrian 3-day event team competition Wendy Schaeffer, Phillip Dutton, Andrew Hoy, Gillian Rolton
1st Field Hockey Women's team competition Michelle Andrews, Alyson Annan, Louise Dobson, Renita Farrell, Juliet Haslam, Rechelle Hawkes, Clover Maitland, Karen Marsden, Katrina Powell, Jenny Morris, Lisa Powell, Nova Peris-Kneebone, Jackie Pereira, Danni Roche, Kate Starre, Liane Tooth
1st Rowing Men's coxless fours James Tomkins, Drew Ginn, Mike McKay, Nicholas Green,
1st Rowing Women's coxless pairs Kate Slatter, Megan Still
1st Shooting Men's trap shooting Michael Diamond
1st Shooting Men's double trap Russell Mark
1st Swimming Women's 200m butterfly Susie O'Neill
1st Swimming Men's 1500m freestyle Kieren Perkins
1st Tennis Men's doubles Todd Woodbridge, Mark Woodforde
2nd Athletics Women's 400m Cathy Freeman
2nd Athletics Women's javelin throw Louise McPaul
2nd Cycling Women's sprint Michelle Ferris
2nd Rowing Men's coxless pairs Robert Scott, David Weightman
2nd Swimming Women's 200m butterfly Petria Thomas
2nd Swimming Women's 4x100m
   medley relay
Nicole Stevenson, Susie O'Neill, Samantha Riley, Sarah Ryan, Helen Denman*, Angela Kennedy*
2nd Swimming Men's 100m butterfly Scott Miller
2nd Swimming Men's 1500m freestyle Daniel Kowalski
2nd Sailing Men's tornado Mitch Booth, Andrew Landenberger
3rd Basketball Women's team competition Michele Timms, Allison Tranquilli, Jenny Whittle, Fiona Robinson, Shelley Sandie, Rachael Sporn, Michelle Chandler, Trisha Fallon, Robyn Maher, Carla Boyd, Michelle Brogan, Sandy Brondello
3rd Canoeing Women's K2 500m kayak pairs Katrin Borchert, Anna Wood
3rd Canoeing Men's 500m kayak pairs Danny Collins, Andrew Trim
3rd Canoeing Men's K1 1000m kayak singles Clint Robinson
3rd Cycling Women's points race Lucy Tyler-Sharman
3rd Cycling Men's points race Stuart O'Grady
3rd Cycling Men's 4000m individual pursuit Bradley McGee
3rd Cycling Men's 4000m team pursuit Bradley McGee, Stuart O'Grady, Dean Woods, Tim O'Shannessey
3rd Field Hockey Men's team competition Stuart Carruthers, Baeden Choppy, Mark Hager, Stephen Davies, Damon Diletti, Lachlan Dreher, Lachlan Elmer, Brendan Garard, Paul Gaudoin, Paul Lewis, Grant Smith, Matthew Smith, Daniel Sproule, Jay Stacy, Michael York, Ken Wark
3rd Rowing Women's lightweight
   double sculls
Rebecca Joyce, Virginia Lee
3rd Rowing Men's lightweight double sculls Anthony Edwards, Bruce Hick
3rd Rowing Men's quadruple sculls Ron Snook, Duncan Free, Bo Hanson,  Janusz Hooker
3rd Shooting Women's double trap Deserie Huddleston
3rd Softball Women's team competition Natalie Ward, Brooke Wilkins, Nicole Richardson, Melanie Roche, Natalie Titcume, Malina Milson, Tracey Mosley, Haylea Petrie, Joyce Lester, Sally McDermid, Francine McRae, Suzanne Fairhurst, Tanya Harding, Jennifer Holliday, Joanne Brown, Carolyn Crudgington, Kerry Dienelt, Peta Edebone, Belinda Ashworth, Kim Cooper
3rd Swimming Women's 100m breaststroke Samantha Riley
3rd Swimming Women's 4 × 200m
   freestyle relay
Emma Johnson, Susie O'Neill, Nicole Stevenson, Julia Greville, Lise Mackie*
3rd Swimming Men's 200m butterfly Scott Goodman
3rd Swimming Men's 200m freestyle Daniel Kowalski
3rd Swimming Men's 400m freestyle Daniel Kowalski
3rd Swimming Men's 4 × 100m medley relay Phil Rogers, Steven Dewick, Scott Miller, Michael Klim, Toby Haenen*
3rd Volleyball Women's beach volleyball Natalie Cook, Kerri Ann Pottharst
3rd Weightlifting Men's super heavyweight
   (> 108 kg)
Stefan Botev
3rd Sailing Men's star Colin Beashel, David Giles

* indicates the athlete participated in the preliminaries, but not in the final race.

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